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I am very excited to be performing with my cousin Gabriello Pitman, with brand new mentalism, psychological and mentalism effects!  Can't wait to see you there!




Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Cambrian College, Room 2226

Two Shows: 7pm & 9 pm


Tickets:  7pm Show is $25 in advance, $30 at the door

          9pm Show is $30 in advance, $30 at the door


Buy them by calling 705-674-8381 ext 21, or click below:  







Well what can I say.. On a personal note, 2013 has been quite the rollercoaster.  With that in mind, I decided to practice some cRaZY new effects, as you will see on this video!  I don't quite think Terry & Mell knew quite what to expect when I walked into their Q92 studio the other day.. Very thankful for the opportunity to join them as well as Gary & Mary Anne on EZRock 105.3.



I INVITE everyone to come out to the Science North CANADA DAY Festivities, where I will be performing walk-around magic, kicking off the Unbelievable Talent Show, and joining the panel of judges to pick out the winner!


Full CANADA DAY SCIENCE NORTH event lineup can be found here


01/07/13:  CANADA DAY Science North - Sudbury, ON

18/06/13:  Q92 RADIO Spot - Sudbury, ON

12/06/13:  EZ Rock 103.5 RADIO Spot - Sudbury, ON

09/05/13:  CMHA - Mental Health Week - Sudbury, ON

04/05/13:  OPA CONFERENCE - Sudbury, ON

16/03/13:  Corie Jacobson Appreciation Hockey Night -
      Warren, ON

15/12/12:  Carmix Staff Party - Sudbury, ON

08/12/12:  SUDBURY EMS Staff Party - Sudbury, ON

03/12/12:  MCTV Christmas Telethon - Sudbury, ON

24/07/12:  Private Party @ Legion - Sudbury, ON

14/07/12:  Private Party - Sudbury, ON

​23/03/12:  Dueling Magicians SVENGALI Show, 2 nights -

     Sudbury, ON

25/02/12:  Girls' Night In, WNGH HOSPITAL - Sturgeon Falls, ON

14/01/12:  Private Performance - Sudbury, ON


     Sudbury, ON

17/12/11:  Private Performance - Sudbury, ON

10/12/11:  Private Performance - Toronto, ON

03/12/11:  MCTV Christmas Telethon - Sudbury, ON

02/12/11:  Private Performance - Sudbury, ON

26/11/11:  Growing Our Hometown Heroes - Toronto, ON

11/11/11:  I Wanna Feel Good Conference - Sudbury, ON

22/10/11:  Private Performance - Toronto, ON

15/10/11:  2nd Annual Womens EXPO/GALA - Warren, ON

14/10/11:  THE NEXT MINDFREAK Audition,

     Dueling Magicians - Online

09/29/11:  CANADA'S GOT TALENT Audition - Toronto, ON

09/24/11:  Toronto ARGONAUTS - Toronto, ON

09/17/11:  Private Performance - Midland, ON

09/10/11:  theEpisode Interview - Sudbury, ON

08/27/11:  SCOTIABANK BUSKERFEST - Toronto, ON

07/31/11:  Private Performance - Sudbury, ON

06/12/11:  CITY of Greater SUDBURY Volunteer

     Appreciation Event - Sudbury, ON

05/15/11:  Ellusionist Magic Contest Finalists - Online

04/28/11:  Nakatomi Protocol Presents CARNIVAL -

     Toronto, ON

02/12/11:  Private Performance - Toronto, ON

12/17/10:  VALE Canada Ltd. - Sudbury, ON

12/03/10:  MCTV Christmas Telethon - Sudbury, ON

11/15/10:  GUADIAN Staff Party - Chelmsford, ON

11/09/10:  Blissful Bridal Anniversary - Sudbury, ON

10/31/10:  Special Olympics Halloween - Sudbury, ON

09/18/10:  Public Performances - Los Angeles, CA

09/04/10:  Public Performances - Las Vegas, NV

08/28/10:  SCOTIABANK Buskerfest - Toronto, ON

08/14/10:  REXALL Staff Party - Sudbury, ON

07/23/10:  Private Performance - Toronto, ON

06/15/10:  DEERHURST RESORT - Muskokas, ON

05/22/10:  Private Performance - Sudbury, ON

04/24/10:  Private Performance - Sudbury, ON


Furthermore, Stefano would like to thank staff & management at the following companies for allowing him to entertain at various points in time:


2010:  ABBOTT INC.





Stefano Presenza SPmagic Sudbury Magician
Stefano Presenza SPmagic Sudbury Magician
Stefano Presenza SPmagic Sudbury Magician
Stefano Presenza SPmagic Sudbury Magician
Stefano Presenza SPmagic Sudbury Magician

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